Greater Anglia

2018 - present

In 2018 I joined Greater Anglia, as part of the internal communications team. Greater Anglia employs around 3,000 people in a huge variety of roles and it’s the job of internal comms to make sure the right information is reaching the right people. It’s my job to maintain a high standard of presentation to these communications in line with the Greater Anglia brand.

I design our quarterly staff magazine – GA Focus. This new magazine was designed from the ground up in 2021, as part of a wider review project to develop and implement an internal brand for the company, and streamline our internal channels. The new magazine replaced the smaller, monthly 'Our Journey' magazine. Based on our review we shifted the magazine from news and people stories to become a forward-looking guide to the quarter ahead. The new title has a much borader industry and company focus and the stronger, branded look brings it into line with core company communicaitons.

I also design all material for individual communication campaigns, as well as displays and handouts for events and I provide support for other departments. This includes things like policy documents and guidelines, educational and training guides and intranet graphics. I also create a few bits and pieces for social media and the GA website.


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